Corporate Citizenship
Hybrid Wisers® which is using the tagline "your trusted versatile specialist partner™" is a company that owned by ProTaz™ Uwais AL-HAFIZ since 17 months ago. It was newly fully operated on December 23rd, 2008. Currently it has 4 sub-companies consist of MuqriHealth & Consultancy®"your trusted brand in cupping specialist™", HybridTherapy & Spa®"love yourselves™", Wisers Suppliers®"we proudly serve you™", and Hufaza' Community®"reuniting the ummah™".

With our diverse operational experience and an unrivalled business heritage, we are now poised to take a leading position in the global business arena. In maintaining and extending our global presence, we are synergizing our businesses for strategic positioning. We are determined be a successful Malaysian-based multinational with our core businesses in Tahfiz Recruitment, Training & Consultancy, Beauty & Health Spa, Herbal Product & Consultancy, Complementary Medicine, Islamic Food Supplement and Medicinal Tools Supplies.

Ahead of us are immense opportunities. Guided by our vision and systematic approaches, we are building our tomorrows, today. In the next phases, we planned to have a huge networks with the honor of shareholders developing the sub companies such as; ©[Wisers Tech, Syar'ie Bio-Tech Laboratories, Islamic Medical Centre, Specialist Hospitals, Wisers BookSpa & Printing, and Ahillah Travel & Tours]©2010®

MuqriHealth & Consultancy®
HybridTherapy & Spa®
MuqriHealth & Consultancy®"your trusted brand in cupping specialist™" and HybridTherapy & Spa®"love yourselves™" are primarily conducting health and wellness business activities carrying in-house brands line of herbal and nutritional remedies, products, spa and hospitality services, and supporting activities. We believe that the future of medicine lies in integrated medicine, more specifically amongst that, in herbal remedies and therapies.

Presently, only a minute part of the wonders of natural medicine is known to mankind. When we can truly understand the kind of remedies that nature can provide us with, we will be able to get cures for most of the diseases, considered to be incurable today, if not all.

HybridTherapy & Spa® is one of Kota Bharu City's top full-service spas. Located in the heart of the city, the spa is home to Authentic Malay's acclaimed skin care and body treatments that adapt the traditions of homeland with the latest technology and insight.

We offer a variety of very special services including medical aesthetics, massages, body treatments, waxing, spa packages, complementary medicines and group packages. We also provide special services such as: free Online Health Consultant, Quranic & Ruqyah Therapy, Al-Hijamah (Cupping), Bio-Sinus Healing, Mechanical Spine Adjustment (Chiropractic), Acupuncture TCM, Reflexology, Aroma Therapeutic, Facial Care, Iridology, Relaxing Massages, Sauna, etc.

Wisers Suppliers®
Wisers Suppliers®"we proudly serve you™" was established in February 2009, is supplying the Medicinal Tools & Products such as: Cupping Kit, Acupuncture Needle, Pharmaceutical Equipments, Herbal Mixed Products, Islamic Food Supplement, Motivational Reading Materials, etc.

Presently, we are planning to serve the imported halal junk food, computers spare parts and products, and foreign workers.

Hufaza' Community®

Hufaza' Community®"reuniting the ummah™" is a training and consultancy company that committed with efforts in developing holistically the resources of humanity to achieve an integrated excellence that occupies persona, family and organization. Started from a blog that rolled to deliver the fresh ideas onto human development since March 2009, its owner Uwais AlQorny bin Ab. Latiff, or well known at UwaisOnline™ as ProTaz™ Uwais AL-HAFIZ one stepped forward by developing his training and consultancy company as well.

The units of this company are consisting of young generation which has versatile backgrounds, knowledge, interest, and knowledge discipline. The abroad experience in training courses gives benefits to Hufaza' Community® in delivering the ideas and presentations to the whole levels of society.

Established in 2009, this company is operated by ProTaz™ Uwais AL-HAFIZ as well as Master Trainer, together with the team of experienced and trained facilitators in managing training programs up to 100 government and non-government organizations.

Our main objective is to professionalize the huffaz generation (quran memorizers) and rebuilt their self confidence in socializing the ummah. We hardly think how to highlight the Huffaz to be a useful community we ever have in nowadays. We also provide and generate the FreshHuffaz™ with the systematic memorizing and adapting skills in professional term.

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